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S Club 7 is bringing it all back for charity, and making our dreams come true in the process!
Oscar de la Renta left behind a legacy that will never be forgotten. Now, ET is going behind the curtain of the life of the man behind so many of the most important looks of this generation.
set taylor swift 1989 300 Entertainment Tonight Are we out of the woods yet (Are we out of the woods yet? Are we out of the woods yet? Are we out of the woods? Are we in the clear yet? Are we in the clear?) If “the woods” is that soul-crushing period of time spent anticipating Taylor Swift’s new album, 1989, instead of having it and listening to it, then no, we’re not. #FiveDaysStrong But she did release
Trouble seems to follow Teresa Giudice these days.
Model Myla Dalbesio's figure would be considered enviable for most women, but within a fashion industry chock full of size zero frames she's considered "not skinny enough." The industry's unreasonable standards eventually led her down a drug addled path, which she opened up about during a sit-down with ET.
200 Chrissy teigen 300 Entertainment Tonight A shooting in Ottawa, Canada, left a soldier dead and the city on lockdown after a gunman attacked the country's Parliament today. American Model Chrissy Teigen responded to the shooting on Twitter – and inadvertently started a big fight. She then got even more political. 
300 trending intothewoods1 Entertainment Tonight This week's Entertainment Weekly features four exclusive covers of Disney's Into the Woods, featuring the stars in full movie garb.
Is Jenny from the Block heading to Sin City?
300 et angelin bob 102214 Entertainment Tonight Though we bet plenty of men would do just about anything for a chance with Dame Angelina Jolie, apparently, her ex-husband Billy Bob Thornton doesn't look back at their time together too fondly.
set potty mouth princesses300 Entertainment Tonight If you came looking for Disney princesses, you’re in the wrong place. Because these self-proclaimed “Swear Jar Princesses” probably oppose a lot of what Disney princesses stand for and now they’re cussing like sailors to draw attention to the continued injustices women still face in our society and the organization FKH8. “Pretty? Pretty?!” The princesses ask
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