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Questions and answers on CBS Local’s Get Answers service (the “Service”) are not written by experts nor does CBS Local make any claims or guarantees whatsoever as to the accuracy of any information provided. Use of the Service is not a substitute for obtaining the advice of qualified professionals to whom you have provided more details of your personal circumstances. You use Get Answers at your own risk and CBS Local is not responsible for any inaccurate, misleading or untimely information on the Service. By asking a question, providing an answer, posting other content or otherwise using the Service, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless CBS Local, its affiliates, their directors, officers, employees, agents and representatives and all of their successors and assigns from any claim of loss, harm, injury, damage or other consequence resulting from or arising out of your submission of a question, use of or reliance on any answer or any other use of the Service. Opinions expressed on the Service are those of the individuals providing them and do not necessarily reflect those of CBS Local.

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