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Pat oconnor was a true pleasure to deal with. His kitchen design was wow,wow. The kitchen looks great!!!!!!
Hugh E.
April 18, 2015
nice job, really easy to deal with, I love the way the process went, feel great now that it is over
Mark L.
August 31, 2014
they did everything they promised,really performed excellent work, quite pleased with everything, they were nice,clean, and very prompt
Carmen H.
December 22, 2013
dazzled me with his design and lay-out abilities, stan is a true professional in every way, so straight forward and honest, the work is excellent in every way
October 27, 2013
amazing concrete and fence work, so,so impressive
Herman B.
October 25, 2013
my kitchen was remodeled and transformed into a paradise. I ALSO HAD MY DOWNSTAIRS bathroom partially remodeled. The job was done over the last 14 days. The crews were very nice, and cleaned up well. The end product was perfect. My only concern was that they came most days at 9:30. instead of 8:00am, but every else went quite well. The kitchen granite countertop was remarkable, and the solid wood cabinets were cool.
October 20, 2013
1. aggressive salesmanship that cuts corners Salesman Glenn got me to sign a contract on the fly, with no time to read through before hand, no references to check, no model project to see, no show-room, and no office to visit. In particular, he brought the contract papers which I had not seen before to my home, fill in descriptions of what to offer (like $2 allowances on door knobs etc.), and asked me to sign on the spot. I asked, among other things, references. Sensing my hesitation, he said I could use my credit card to pay the 1/3 of the contract price and if I am not happy, I can always dispute the charge. He also promised that he can provide the references over the weekend for me to verify. Further, he promised to have his measuring crew sort out the plan (as we did not have a detailed cabinet plan yet). After obtaining my signature, he conveniently forgot, among other things, (i) the references; (ii) the mappings that I provided for his measuring staff. 2. dysfunctioning communication They took four measurement trips. Two were wasted by their miscommunication. Amusingly, wheneven you send emails with a web link to them, you do not get a response. The excuse? "I am a cell phone guy. I don't read my emails." 3. Substantially above market price For reference, home depot offered an estimate of 13k, GnE salesman Glenn offered 27k with an addtional floor replacement. Bashing HomeDepot in every imaginable way, salesman boasted GnE's level of communication and sophisication. Notably, he said GnE are not making money on this contract and they intend to use my mouth to advertise their service. After terminating the contract with GnE, I entered a contract with another remodeler (with additional features of premium cabinets, crown molding, heated floor, etc.) for 18k. Other remodellers in the neighborhood also offered similar prices (but different cabinets). 4. GnE's only desire is to prey on the unwary and nice homeownes More than five weeks after paying my deposit (over 9k), no sensible progress. I was very unhappy. I brought up the prospect of terminating the contract by compensating GnE for the measurements trips and sales trips. I thought 2k was an abundantly fair number. Salesman then turned the conversation into a disgusting extortion exercise. The salesman insisted that they had ordered the cabinets the day before our discussion to terminate. Although the cabinits were clearly not shipped (and presumably the order can be cancelled), the salesman insisted on a 20% fee for the cabinets, which amounted to 1.6k. But the salesman was unable to provide documentary proof for the purported 1.6k penalty from the manufacturer. The salesman wanted to add 1.6 k to my 2k offer. I eventually paid the salesman 2.7k so that I just don't have to deal with the company any more. It is pathetic that the salesman initially trivailized all the mishaps while he attempted to enforce the contract (so that they can make a lot of $). When the salesman realized that he cannot enforce the contract anymore because I disputed the charge, he got into the break-up fee. He was not ashamed to assert that the trips they made were of such signiicance and substance that I need to pay $$$. Towards the end of the discussion, it became clear to me that I made the right decision to terminate the contract. GnE only desire throughput the process is to take your money and maxmize theiir profit at your expense. Once they take your money, you became their hostage. If you want to talk, they feel they have the upper hand because they thought they took your payment. I hope my experience, as substantiated above, would be more helpful to all those unwary customers who rely on the ratings to choose a contractor. I reserve my rights to expose my experience, not only to friends and colleagues, but also to social media and regulatory agencies.
October 06, 2013
March 02, 2013
my kitchen was entirely re-done with custom maple cabinets. They look excellent. I USED THEM THREE DECADES AGO, AND THEY ARE EVEN BETTER NOW!!!
February 24, 2013

i really adore my work, i've u...

i really adore my work, i've used them for more years than i can count,great folks
October 24, 2012
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