Alex DeMetrick

Alex DeMetrick 175x131Alex DeMetrick has been a general assignment reporter with WJZ Eyewitness News since September 1984.

Alex began his journalism career in California.

Alex has received many awards from United Press International and The Associated Press.  He also received a Lincoln University Award for his political reporting.

A native of Michigan, Alex moved to California at the age of seven.

He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from California State University and pursued graduate studies at San Jose State University.

Alex enjoys sailing, hiking, writing, movies and jazz.

More Stories by Alex DeMetrick


Study: Parts Of Md. Could Flood At Least 30 Times A Year

A new study adds to the growing number of warnings about flooding in Maryland.



Zebra Mussels Have Invaded Maryland Waters

Their numbers are growing and they are here to stay.


ebola suit prototype

Johns Hopkins Develops Ebola Suits

As Africa endures its worst Ebola outbreak, local innovators are doing their best to fight back. As Alex Demetrick reports, that includes a team from Johns Hopkins, focused on protecting health care workers on the front lines.



Maryland Lobbies For FBI HQ With Incentives

With the FBI looking to move from its downtown Washington DC headquarters, Maryland is lobbying head to bring it to Prince George’s County.



FedEx Sees Busiest Day Of The Year

For FedEx workers, it doesn’t get any busier than Monday.


Photo Credit: The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore

Injured Snowy Owl Rescued And Rehabilitated In Md.

Alex Demetrick reports, a rare migration of snowy owls left one bird injured and left behind.


Tavon White

Testimony Resumed With Alleged Black Guerilla Family Leader

Too bad to be believed? That’s the doubt defense lawyers are trying to create with a federal jury. Alex DeMetrick has the latest in the on-going testimony of Tavon White, the former Black Guerilla Family member turned prosecution witness.


Calypso sea turtle aquarium

Baltimore’s Aquarium Helps Cold-Stunned Sea Turtles

Alex Demetrick reports on how the sudden onset of cold weather is potentially lethal for sea turtles.


The Maryland Zoo In Baltimore
Photos by Jeffrey F. Bill

Two New Penguin Chicks Are In Training For Zoo’s Outreach Program

Every embassy needs an ambassador and at the Maryland Zoo, penguins are a natural.



Spacecraft To Give Earth First Close-Up Look Of Pluto

Closing in on the really far out. If everything goes right, a spacecraft built and controlled in Maryland will come out of hibernation Saturday night.


wind turbines

New Study Says Wind Energy Has Double Benefits

A new study released Thursday find a double benefit from increasing wind energy in Maryland.


alan and judy gross

Alan Gross’ Wife Addresses His Cuban Imprisonment

It’s been five years since a Maryland man was arrested in Havana, Cuba for expanding Internet access to a small Jewish community. Alex Demetrick reports.





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