Alex DeMetrick

Alex DeMetrick 175x131Alex DeMetrick has been a general assignment reporter with WJZ Eyewitness News since September 1984.

Alex began his journalism career in California.

Alex has received many awards from United Press International and The Associated Press.  He also received a Lincoln University Award for his political reporting.

A native of Michigan, Alex moved to California at the age of seven.

He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from California State University and pursued graduate studies at San Jose State University.

Alex enjoys sailing, hiking, writing, movies and jazz.

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Peaks On Pluto, Canyons On Charon

A billion mile mission based right here in Maryland. Late Wednesday, NASA releases more incredible photos of Pluto from the New Horizons probe.



Pluto Close-Up: Spacecraft Makes Flyby Of Icy, Mystery World

Pluto is now in the bag. The New Horizons spacecraft made its closest approach today to the dwarf planet.



Little Pluto Bigger Than Scientists Thought As Flyby Looms

Nine and a half years is a long time to travel, but Tuesday morning, the New Horizons spacecraft will reach its destination.


Courtesy: Karla Perez.

Teens Reel In 5-Foot Long Shark In OCMD

A group of teenage boys were caught by surprise earlier this month when a 5-foot long shark was on the end of their fishing line in Ocean City, Maryland.


Dr. Lawrence Egbert

License Revocation Stands For Maryland Right-To-Die Doctor

A Maryland judge has refused to reinstate a medical license for a co-founder of the Final Exit Network.


clean water act

New Rules Issued For Clean Water Act

A decade after a Supreme Court decision muddied the waters of the Clean Water Act, new rules have been hammered out.


solar panels

New Program Hopes To Expand Solar Power

The sun may shine on all of us, but not all of us can use it to power our homes.


A hammerhead shark washed ashore in Del. Photo Courtesy Susan Keen

What Might Have Brought Hammerhead Shark To Md.’s Seashore?

A 300-pound hammerhead shark that’s been visiting Ocean City appears to be in no hurry to leave.


A hammerhead shark washed ashore in Del. Photo Courtesy Susan Keen

800-Pound Hammerhead Shark Spotted In Ocean City

A shark spotted swimming very close to the beach in Ocean City is causing a lot of commotion.


solar storm

Solar Flare Will Probably Trigger Northern Lights

For the first time in a week, a massive solar flare has sent high speed particles on a collision course with Earth.


cownose ray

Activists Call For An End To Fishing Contest

Animal rights activists are asking Governor Larry Hogan to stop what they call a “cruel fishing contest.”


free range parents, meitiv

Md. ‘Free Range’ Parents Cleared Of Neglect Charges On 2nd Case

A short walk to the park became the talk of the nation when two Silver Spring parents were investigated for child neglect.