Alex DeMetrick

Alex DeMetrick 175x131Alex DeMetrick has been a general assignment reporter with WJZ Eyewitness News since September 1984.

Alex began his journalism career in California.

Alex has received many awards from United Press International and The Associated Press.  He also received a Lincoln University Award for his political reporting.

A native of Michigan, Alex moved to California at the age of seven.

He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from California State University and pursued graduate studies at San Jose State University.

Alex enjoys sailing, hiking, writing, movies and jazz.

More Stories by Alex DeMetrick

brown booby + brown boobies

Rare Brown Boobies Spotted In Inner Harbor

A funny name and a rare sight in Maryland. A pair of brown boobies were hanging out at the Inner Harbor.


erosion barrier

Erosion Barriers May Be Hard On The Bay

Hard barriers to stop erosion may be hard on the bay.


avian flu

Poultry Growers Prepared For The Worst Strain Of Avian Flu

Poultry growers are preparing for the worst, as a lethal strain of Avian flu is expected to make it to Maryland this fall.


pope francis

Growing Excitement At Catholic University For Pope Francis Visit

A ritual like a Catholic mass doesn’t usually generate excitement, but then, not every mass has Pope Francis. We’re just days away from the pope’s historic visit to Washington, D.C.


pope last min touches

Last Minute Preps Underway In D.C. For Pope’s Historic Visit

One week from today, Pope Francis will be meeting with the president at the White House. With the pope’s arrival rapidly approaching, the clock is running out for last minute preps.



Baltimore To Test New High-Speed Charging Stations For Electric Vehicles

Pumping up versus plugging in. That’s a choice Baltimore is exploring for its fleet of city cars.


train tracks

Number Of Pedestrians Struck By Trains Increasing Nationwide

In less than a week, two people in Maryland were killed while walking on train tracks. Here and across the nation, those kind of train accidents are increasing.



Johns Hopkins Pluto Spacecraft Is A ‘Gift That Keeps On Giving’

The Solar System’s most distant world is linked to scientists right here in Maryland.


tuberculosis tb

Hopkins Developing New Drug To Fight Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis

Like a lot of dangerous bacteria, the train that causes tuberculosis has developed resistance to antibiotics. Hopkins School of Public Health is developing a new medicine to combat TB.


solar power energy

Study: Maryland Ranks High In Solar Power Programs

When it comes to solar power, Maryland is doing better than most states cashing in on the sun.


Marvin Mandel

Mandel Lies In Repose At Maryland State House

A final tribute for a former Maryland governor whose life was long and eventful.


freddie gray police officers charged cops Baltimore 6

Wednesday’s Freddie Gray Hearing Could See Charges Dismissed; Mosby Recused

Police are preparing for potential unrest but what happens in the streets depends upon what happens in court.




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