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  1. Ed Mierzwicki says:

    WJZ coverage of fireworks event in Baltimore on Dec. 31, 2010: management should examine the quality of the coverage. Aerial shots seemed blurred. Wide-angle shots showed fireworks devoid of color. Most of the fireworks looked like white splashes. Instead, viewers prefer the p. o. v . of the crowd who look up and see the beauty of the color displays. Also, the pre-firework coverage was too academic; interviews of the barge on which the fireworks and interviewing people from the Virgin Islands. Is there some reason why people in the local crowd were not worthy of interviews. NBC interviewed many in the crowd in NYC Times Square. WJZ deserves credit for willing to host the fireworks, but if your night coverage cannot show fireworks in color displays, then what is the point?

  2. Ned Mierzwicki says:

    Did anyone see the Wjz coverage of the fireworks in Baltimore last night? What did you think of the quality of photography of the firework displays?

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