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  1. DiegoAT says:

    In the not to distant future tattoos will be OUT of fashion. All of these ladies will be showing their age by having the “body art”.

    They will rush to have tattoos removed or end up with faded tats on saggy skin -yuck.

    If you have something to say, better to use your voice rather than your body as a billboard!!!!

  2. David says:

    Lady? I have seen many women with tattoo’s but I have never seen a lady with one.

  3. Yephora says:

    Ugly, ugly, ugly!
    Never understand why beautiful women want to uglify themselves.
    Probably is a symptom, like cutting.

  4. Mariama says:

    You can’t throw out a statement like Females are the wakeer sex and expect to go unchallenged!!! Physically, we may be wakeer than men if you want to count push-ups, but that’s where it ends. I do not, however, take issue with your opinion of feminization of our country. We have been made weak and ineffectual by losing the balance in our culture between the masculine and feminine. We, as a country and an American culture, need to embrace and practice more of the masculine traits that for too long have been denigrated and suppressed.

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