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  1. Anita Hiltz says:

    Yesterday, I was travelling from Carroll County in Hampstead to Hunt Valley to go to work. I should have heeded the warnings that I saw on the way! I saw creek beds over flowing their banks to the right and flowing into the farm lands. On the left, a stream bed was overflowing its banks and also flowing into farm land. In some places that water was just starting to come onto the road. As I continued on 128 through Glinden it was better briefly, so I thought my trip would be O.K., but when I started descending to lower ground on Rt. 128 it got worse. Once on Tufton Rd. it was horrible! There is only one lane in and one lane out so I kept going, but the water was rushing from the right side across the road and going onto the left. It was not just in some areas – it was the WHOLE ROADWAY! It was MORE than a few inches of water too and it was not “standing water” it was rushing water! I was REALLY concerned that it could take my car away. I have NEVER experienced anything like it in my life! I was praying the whole way! I was very concerned about the safety of others heading into what I was experiencing so I kept my drivers side window down and kept waving at people coming towards me to turn back, but I only saw one man turn around – all the rest kept going into a troubled area. The Lord protected me and I got to work safely. Once I had a good cry to relieve the stress that I had just gone through – I was O.K.

    Please everyone – when someone is waving at you to turn around – DO IT! It could save your life!

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