• PHOTOS: Ellicott City 2018 Flood DamageA look at some of the damage around Ellicott City, Maryland following the flood.
  1. roy st. julian says:

    I really would like to come to Baltimore,Maryland because i think Toni Braxton is from there and she’s hot!

    1. Andre Kevin Smith says:

      get a life

      1. Hamza says:

        Anonymous –Army of Davids stuff you know. They could sell out and go on Cable but it would defeat the “Boy with a Slingshot” ethos.In this case, the Stoney rescet weapon to kill the mocking giant in the valley IS the lovely and talented Dr. Helen.———————–Very interesting indeed. So after the midterm-elections will things die down in Bahgdad and on the Korean Pennisula until say June/July 2008 ?

  2. Andre says:

    Oh. My. Gosh.I have been hviang a lousy, lousy day and that made it so much well, I don’t know if better is the word I’m looking for, because that would make me mean, but whoa That high note you know it was divine.

  3. Aqua says:

    My hsanubd is the news junkie; I’ll watch a little bit, but some evenings it seems like it’s one bad incident after another. It starts turning into a gossip fest some nights. I generally find my news on the Internet so I can pick and choose what I want to pay attention to. I am esp. attracted to stories of people’s courage when they people are telling them you can’t do that . I, too, like to read quite a bit and think about how I can raise myself up through self-development instead of focusing on how other people have failed and how badly and what horrible people they are and how bad the world is faring. Thank you

  4. Lucas says:

    Hey do u know where u can download the ornigial version of songs ..Because i dont like having to Fix every tag on mp3s that come from websites that dont arrange there mp3s????If So please send me a message

  5. isabellagarcia says:

    This short hair gallery is bogus. Half of the photos are of women with shoulder length and medium length hair, or long hair tied back. Who is the idiot who put this together? There are plenty more celebrities with short hair not shown, like Judy Dench and Michelle Williams. Duh~!

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