13th Floor

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13th Floor: Get Lucky

Though theories around the number 13 vary across cultures, one thing almost all of them have in common is that 13 is one unlucky number. There’s that whole thing about there being 13 people at JC’s last dinner. Then, as anyone who’s obsessed with Dan Brown (which should be, like, everyone) knows, many of the Knights Templar’s experienced a terrible fate on Friday the 13th. So after all of this, why would anyone want to visit a bar called 13th Floor? Maybe because it’s amazing and capable of calming even the most extreme Triskaidekaphobe (try to say that one 13 times, fast).

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piano generic

Best Piano Bars In Baltimore

Baltimore has many venues for live music, but what you want is something light, like a pianist. A number of Baltimore bars have regular piano nights.

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The Ports America New Year’s Eve Spectacular

Best 2014 New Year’s Eve Parties In Baltimore

Countdown to 2014 with lots of food, drinks and fun at these hottest parties in Charm City.



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