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WJZ FIRST WARNING WEATHER: Hurricane Maria Expected To Affect Mid-Atlantic Shores Next Few Days
D.C. Transit Officials Temporarily Suspend Issue-Oriented AdsA move to ban all issue advertisements on buses, trains and Metro stations sets an uproar on social media.
Muslim Advocacy Launches Its Own Ad CampaignA Muslim civil liberties and advocacy group says it's erecting its own advertisements in Metro stations to combat ads that equate Muslim radicals with "savages."
Gov. Lashes Out At Campaign Ads Opposed To Expanded Gambling In Md.Governor Martin O'Malley is stepping into the expanded gambling campaign to challenge the ads that urge voters to defeat the referendum.
Millions Expected To Be Spent On Referendum AdsMillions in advertising. Maryland may not get a lot of national attention in the presidential election, but the state's plate is full when it come to ballot issues.
Hyundai Hoping For A Big Win At Super Bowl XLVIThe car manufacturer has announced that it will buy no fewer than five Super Bowl 2012 spots. Why? Find out.

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