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Tips For Keeping The House Cool

You may not be able to control the weather, but you can moderate its impact upon your home.


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2 Men Caught On Camera Stealing AC Unit For Scrap Metal In Lansdowne

Caught on camera. Bold thieves steal expensive central air units in broad daylight to sell for scrap metal. And police say it’s part of a massive metal theft problem in Baltimore County.



BGE Offering Air Conditioner Recycling Drop-Off

Baltimore Gas and Electric says residents looking to get rid of old air conditioners can recycle them this weekend.


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4 Nursing Homes Without Air Conditioning

The residents of four nursing homes in Maryland are feeling the heat, because they are still without air conditioning in the aftermath of last week’s storm.


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How To Save Money While Staying Cool This Summer

With temperatures on the rise, many of you are cranking up your air conditioners.


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Shading Your AC Unit Cuts Energy Costs

Shade is useful in more ways than one on hot, summer days.



Plugging In Fans Can Save You Money This Summer

Plugging in a fan or installing ceiling fans can save you money while trying to beat the heat this summer.



Cooler Isn’t Always Better With Thermostat Setting

If you’re looking to cool your house quickly, here’s some advice for when you turn on your air conditioning unit.


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Air Conditioner Units Qualify For Tax Credit

If you need to replace a faulty central air conditioner, new units still qualify for a tax credit.


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Shade Can Cool Down Air Conditioner

Experts say shade can help not just keep you cool in the hot weather, but also your air conditioner.