Animal Rights

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Animal Rights Activists Seek Tougher Cruelty Penalties

When a Siberian Husky was shot and killed at a Severn dog park by an off duty federal police officer, animal lovers were outraged. After the officer was convicted of misdemeanor charges, there was a call for stiffer penalties for animal abuse.


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Animal Abuse Task Force Wants Retrial In Dog Burning Case

A mistrial has not put an end to the case of Phoenix the dog. There is a new effort to get justice for the pit bull.


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Deliberations Continue Monday Morning In Dog Burning Case

A voice for all abused animals in Baltimore. In just a few hours, jurors could decide the fate of two teens accused of setting a dog on fire.


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Deliberations Resume Monday In Dog Burning Case

A dog killed after being set on fire in a Baltimore neighborhood. It’s a crime that’s turning into a test case for how the city handles animal abuse cases.



Deliberations To Continue: Twins Accused Of Setting Dog On Fire

A dog called Phoenix died five days after being set on fire. Prosecutors say two teenagers did it. Now their fate is in the hands of jurors.



On Trial: Twin Teens Charged With Setting Dog On Fire

A dog set on fire. It’s a crime that outraged people all over the state. Now the two teens charged with that abuse go on trial.