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Tips To Keep Your Appliances Running

Learn how to keep your large home appliances working through basic maintenance.


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$ Or $$$: Compare These 5 Different Kitchen Makeovers

On a large or small budget, a person can make a huge difference with some simple decorative ideas.


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Last Day For Md. Tax Break On Some Appliances

If you’re in the market for a new household appliance, Monday is the day to go out and buy it.


Energy Star Products

Marylanders can avoid paying the state’s 6 percent sales tax by buying select Energy Star products. Follow the link for a full list.


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What To Do If Your Appliances Trip Circuit Breakers

Tripping breakers can come at the most inopportune times. Don’t be caught off guard. Fix the problem today.


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Stocking Up Your Fridge Could Save Energy

There are ways to save money when it comes to your refrigerator and freezer.


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Don’t Place Appliances Near Thermostats

Don’t place lamps or television sets near an air conditioning thermostat.