arctic ice melting

Loss Of Ice In The Arctic Affecting Weather In Md. And Much Of The Country

The world’s icebox is undergoing some serious defrosting.


harp seal

Baltimore Gets Rare Visit From Harp Seal

A seal that normally makes its home in the waters of the North Atlantic and Arctic oceans made its way to the Baltimore area this week.


Bernadette Woods

BLOG: Mild Weather Continues But Cooler Temps In Store For The Weekend

The stretch of mild weather continues. Even though it was cooler Sunday than the mid 60s of Friday and Saturday, we still hit 51 degrees. That is 10 degrees above average!


US Navy Flag

Study: Navy Needs To Prepare For Climate Change

The Navy and Coast Guard need to prepare for more missions in the Arctic, and plan for potential damage to bases from rising sea levels, as global warming increases, the National Research Council said Thursday.


Bernadette Woods

BLOG: Hang On, We Are Going For A Weather Ride!

Each day is a completely different weather story right now. We go from near record warmth to damaging winds to snow. Yes, I just said (or wrote) snow, and it’s coming our way.


Bernadette Woods

BLOG:Mild Air Now, Arctic Air Soon

What a deserved break we got in the weather today! Sunshine took over and we warmed all the way up to 47 degrees. Enjoy the mild air now, because a new round of Arctic air is coming our way this week – courtesy of a new storm.


Bernadette Woods

BLOG: The Arctic Has Unloaded

We started out the day at 12 degrees and only went up to 25 degrees this afternoon. We are dropping right back into the teens and single digits overnight.


Bernadette Woods

BLOG: Winter Weather Advisory Is In Effect

We are getting a brief break from the harsh cold, courtesy of the current storm, before the next round of Arctic air invades.