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Native Asian Kudzu Bugs Threaten Crops In Maryland

Right on the heels of the Asian stinkbug invasion comes a new pest. This one’s called the kudzu bug. It packs a real potential for trouble.


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Heavy Rain The Likely Culprit Of Stink Bug Evacuation, Researchers Say

After looking unstoppable, Asian stink bugs have finally taken a hit. They seemed to be everywhere last winter and spring, but they finished the year with far fewer numbers.


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2 Maryland Businesses To Benefit From O’Malley’s India Trade Trip

Maryland sends the largest delegation in the United States to India with a goal of bringing jobs back to the state.


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Gov. O’Malley Planning Trade Mission To India

Gov. Martin O’Malley’s administration is planning an economic development trip to India.



Asia Trip Cost More Than $144,000

Gov. Martin O’Malley’s recent 10-day trip to Asia cost about $144,000 for five people.


OMalley In Asia

O’Malley Touts Economic Development Trip To Asia

Maryland’s mission to Asia ends on a high note for the state, Maryland businesses and the university system.


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Chinese Company To Open U.S. Operation In Md.

One of China’s leading biopharmaceutical companies plans to invest $40 million in a new U.S. operation in Montgomery County.



O’Malley Touts Economic Development Trip To Asia

Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley says an economic development trip to Asia next month will include 68 business leaders, educators and elected officials.


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Natural Predator May Be Answer To Stopping Stink Bugs

Looking for a natural born killer to go after a foreign invader. The target is the Asian stink bug, which has been crawling inside Maryland homes all winter.