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Electric Car Sales Triple In 2012

U.S. car buyers took home about 17,500 plug-in electric cars in 2011. Last year, the numbers tripled.


1954 Mercedes-Benz 300SL (credit: Daimler AG)

Top 10 Best-Looking Cars Of All Time

Total Car Score recently ranked the best-looking cars of all time. It’s time to celebrate beauty.


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Small Cars Ain’t What They Used To Be

Today’s small cars don’t feel like the small cars we used to know.


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The Most Important New Cars For 2013

Rather than just simple updates and facelifts, many 2013 cars have been totally redesigned–especially these 10.


1932 Ford Roadster

PHOTO GALLERY: Hot Rods With Attitude

Get your engine purring with these souped up roadsters from a recent East Coast meetup.


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Putting Regular In Your Premium Car? Think Twice

Saving a little now on premium gas could come back to haunt motorists down the road.


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Bring Some Feng Shui Into Your Ride

We all can use a little more serenity when we drive, right? Follow these tips and find your Zen.


Traffic in China

It’s Official: We Now Have One Billion Vehicles On The Planet

How many vehicles are there on Earth? We’d ask you to guess, except the headline above gives away the answer. According to industry trade journal Ward’s, which added up both reported vehicle registrations and historical […]


Environmental Working Group 'Meat-Eater's Guide'

When Did Cars Become The Yardstick For Measuring Pollution?

If you’ve ever visited a museum or a manufacturing plant, you’ve probably heard a tour guide say something like this: “And if you laid all these bottles end-to-end, they’d stretch clear across the state of […]