WEATHER BLOG: Cooler, Drier Weekend

Rainfall across the region will be about 1 inch. This rainfall will taper later Friday morning and we’ll have just a lingering shower or two in the afternoon. The p.m. drive will be much better than the a.m. one. We will likely even see a little sunshine later Friday afternoon and early evening.


Bernadette Woods

WEATHER BLOG: What A Weekend!

Sunshine dominated both days, while highs jumped from 54 degrees Saturday to 68 degrees Sunday.


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Americans Will Pay An Average Of $3.55 Per Gallon Of Gas In 2013

This year, you may end up paying more for gas than you’d thought.


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Average Gas Mileage Of New Cars Sold Last Month Highest Ever

New vehicles sold during January scored an average fuel efficiency of 24.5 mpg.



Smokers Die About A Decade Earlier On Average

Cigarette smoking remains a leading cause of death in the U.S.


Bernadette Woods

BLOG: Still Above Average

The heavy rain and thunderstorms moved away Sunday, while the clouds and spotty showers hung tough in a few areas. That has kept our temperatures down again, but we still topped out at 60 degrees which again is above the average of 57 degrees.


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Cars Getting Long In The Tooth: Average Age Is 11 Years

Find out who the real winners are.


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BLOG: Average Mid-March Day

We often talk about extremes with weather, whether it’s big storms, too much rain, too little rain or record temperatures. Monday is quite the opposite. It’s a very average mid-March day.