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‘Infant Cocooning’ Becoming More Popular Among New Parents

The idea is to immunize everyone who comes into contact with the baby.


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CDC: U.S. Births Up For First Time In 5 Years, Improved Economy Cited

The baby recession may be at an end: After a five-year span in which the number of children born in the United States dropped each year, 2013 saw a minute increase.


1 Dead, Babies Sick From Listeria Linked To Cheese

One person has died and three newborns have become ill in an outbreak of listeria linked to Hispanic-style cheese.


lion cubs

Adorable Additions: First Lion Cubs Born At The Maryland Zoo Thriving

They are about to become the stars of the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore. Two lion cubs were born in the fall, and now WJZ has exclusive access to the adorable additions. We’re kicking off an exciting contest. You can help name them!



Caffeine Linked To Low-Birth-Weight Babies

Drinking caffeine raises the risk of a baby being born small by up to 62 percent, study says.



Babies Listen And Learn While In The Womb

Talking to your baby while pregnant may help in language development.



Kent County Woman Gives Birth To Quadruplets

The Anne Arundel County Medical Center says a Kent County woman has given birth to quadruplets.


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Infant Mortality Rate In Md. Remains At Record Low

Maryland’s infant mortality rate has been at a record low for two years straight.


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Nesting Eagles Prompt Md. Refuge Trail Closure

A trail at an Eastern Shore wildlife refuge is closed while officials wait to see if a pair of bald eagles will hatch any young.


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Md. Health Officials Seek Ban On Crib Bumper Pads

Dangers in the crib. Maryland health officials say an accessory that’s designed to make the crib safe can really be deadly.


infant mortality

Maryland Announces Decline In Infant Mortality

Maryland officials are announcing the infant mortality rate has dropped for the second year in a row.


crib bumpers

Md. Panel: Crib Bumpers A Hazard To Babies

A strong warning for parents who may be using crib bumpers. A Maryland panel of pediatricians wants to strip them from shelves.