Baltimore Violence

Baltimore violence

Police Increase Patrols In West Baltimore After Increase In Violence

Neighborhood under siege. There’s been an explosion of violence in West Baltimore, including another murder Tuesday night. Police have announced new plans to get that community under control.


Baltimore Police

Law Enforcement Teams Up To Curb Baltimore Bloodshed

Cracking down on the brutal violence on Baltimore’s streets means city police are teaming up with state and federal agencies.


baltimore police

4 Shot, 2 Fatally, Over Weekend In Baltimore

Baltimore police are investigating four weekend shootings, two of them fatal.


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New Video Released Of St. Patrick’s Day Attack

A man was badly beaten in Baltimore City, an attack recorded on a cell phone. The video went viral. Now, new video surfaces showing the incident as it unfolded.


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Baltimore Police Investigate 2 Shootings

Baltimore police are investigating two shootings.


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Baltimore Officials Work To Make Streets Safer & Reduce Gun Violence

There are hopes for Baltimore City’s population to start growing by making neighborhoods safer for families to move in.


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Teenage Boy First Baltimore Shooting Victim Of 2012

Baltimore City records its first shooting of 2012 and the victim is just 13 years old.


Baltimore violence

Law Enforcement Officials Work To Curtail Youth Violence

Some don’t survive it and those who do carry the memory for a lifetime. Violence is taking a toll on the young, even as law enforcement struggles to contain it.


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3 Men Slain In Baltimore Since Friday

Baltimore police are investigating three recent slayings.


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Mayor, Police Commissioner Discuss Recent Upswing In Violence

Four shootings Monday night added to an already crippling weekend of violence in Baltimore. In the last few days, some 23 people have been injured or killed in the city. It’s a spree that has the mayor and police commissioner speaking out.