Barry Bonds

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BLOG: Pay ‘Em Already!

Is it me or is anyone else getting sick of the hypocrisy in professional and major college sports? This week while Barry Bonds is on trial for lying about his alleged steroid use an HBO special aired featuring four Auburn football players who claim they were paid from their days as high school players through college.

105.7 The Fan–03/31/2011

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Craig Calcaterra Of

Craig Calcaterra of spoke with Ken Weinman about Barry Bonds and all things baseball

105.7 The Fan–03/24/2011

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Barry Bonds’ Trial Update

The trial from the ‘inside’

105.7 The Fan–03/22/2011

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BLOG: Barry Bonds Should Be Tried

If you let Bonds go, what message do you send to other people, especially rich people who feel like they can lie because the government won’t spend the money to prosecute them?

105.7 The Fan–03/22/2011

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Lester Munson-ESPN Legal Analyst

ESPN Legal Analyst Lester Munson joins The Scott Garceau Show and breaks down the CBA Negotiations, and Barry Bonds’ upcoming trial which begins next week.

105.7 The Fan–03/18/2011