Former Orioles Pitcher Chris Ray

Former Orioles pitcher Chris Ray joined Baltimore’s 105-7 THE FAN Tuesday morning to discuss his new career in the beer industry after retiring from baseball.


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Baltimore’s Best Bars To Watch College Basketball

The college basketball tournament in March is like a fever: it possesses sports fan with a collegiate obsession which simply knows no bounds, and desperately must be fed, lest it consume them with a fiery vengeance. Here are some great places to visit in the Baltimore area where the game is always on and the times are always fun!


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Pimlico Infield: Brews & Something For Everyone

Back in the day when Pimlico officials allowed the infield patrons to haul in their own kegs and tote dozens of cases of beer, the scene was wild and dangerous. Full beer cans were sent flying into the crowd, and drunken teenagers running across the tops of the portable toilets were prime targets. Now there’s unlimited beer and a mascot named Kegasus, a bearded centaur who advocated drinking heartily.