WEATHER BLOG: Cold AgainThe chill has definitely set in behind Monday's cold front. After hitting 65 degrees Monday, we only made it to 48 degrees Tuesday afternoon. That's after dropping to 28 degrees Tuesday morning. It will stay chilly Wednesday with a morning low in the 20s and afternoon high near 50 degrees. Then, a few ups and downs but the warmer air is coming!
WEATHER BLOG: Hello, Sunshine!After the slop of Monday, it's so nice to see the sunshine.
WEATHER BLOG: Come Back, Sun!Yes, another day and more clouds.
WEATHER BLOG: Storm Is ComingThis storm is taking its time getting here, but it's still coming.
WEATHER BLOG: Snow ComingMany people are already focused on spring, but winter isn't over yet.
WEATHER BLOG: Rainy DayA large storm spreading from the Upper Midwest to the Southeast is bringing us a mix of weather.
WEATHER BLOG: Sunshine Now, Gone On TuesdayA new storm is on the way, and it will arrive tomorrow.
WEATHER BLOG: Cold Weather AheadA brief bout of sleet and snow earlier Tuesday gave way to rain and drizzle for the rest of the day.
WEATHER BLOG: More Snow AheadA batch of light snow is moving across Maryland this afternoon.
WEATHER BLOG: Hello, Warm Air!The clouds broke much earlier, and much more than expected Tuesday. That's why it got so warm.
WEATHER BLOG: Wild WeekIt's going to be a wild week of weather.
WEATHER BLOG: Hello, ArcticAfter a stretch of way above average temperatures, the Arctic is about to unload. We topped out at 58 degrees Sunday, near 40 Monday, and are only going to make it to 26 degrees Tuesday. And this cold isn't going anywhere any time soon. Highs will remain in the 20s Wednesday and Thursday, while overnight lows drop into the teens - and even single digits for western Maryland and colder Baltimore suburbs.

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