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Best Places To Buy Musical Instruments In Baltimore

Best Places To Buy Musical Instruments In Baltimore

Whether it’s chamber music or something more outré – don’t forget that Frank Zappa hailed from Maryland -that captures your musical imagination, there are plenty of places in Baltimore to buy or sell instruments, have them repaired or take lessons.


Best Place To Rent A Tux In Baltimore

Best Place To Rent A Tux In Baltimore

“Everybody’s crazy ’bout a sharp dressed man,” but renting a tuxedo can be a daunting matter. There are many factors to consider when deciding which tux will look best on your body. How many buttons on the jacket? Vest or cummerbund? Bowtie or tie? And what about tails? Style experts at Baltimore’s best places to rent a tux are here to answer all these perplexing questions so that you can put your best foot forward!


Womenswear Clothing

Best Womenswear Clothing Stores In Baltimore

For help looking your best for every occasion, check out what’s in fashion at Baltimore’s best womenswear clothing stores