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Woman Sues Baltimore Police Over Alleged ‘Rough Ride’

A woman who says she was injured during a ride in the back of a Baltimore police van after being beaten and illegally arrested has sued the department.


Credit: WJZ

Lawyer: No Answer On Why Freddie Gray Was Stopped

The lawyer for the family of Freddie Gray, a black man who died of spinal injuries he sustained during an arrest in Baltimore, said he believes the police had no reason to stop the man in the first place.


slumlord apartment

Baltimore Attorney Cracks Down On ‘Slumlords’

A Baltimore City attorney is cracking down on what he calls “slumlords” plaguing the city.



Lawsuit: Facebook Tracks Its Users When They’re Online

Is Facebook the new Big Brother? A new lawsuit alleges the social media site is tracking your every move on the internet.