Binge drinking

binge drinking

Maryland Releases Survey On College Drinking

An eye-opening new report reveals drinking is widespread on Maryland college campuses, with almost half of students binge-drinking once a month.


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Frostburg State Head Leads Alcohol Awareness Group

Frostburg State University President Jonathan Gibralter is leading a national panel on college alcohol abuse prevention.


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New Study Shows Increased Teen Drinking & Drugging

Drinking alcohol every day is not a big deal—that’s what nearly half of U.S. teenagers think. A new study shows that alcohol and drug use among teens is heading in the wrong direction.


binge drinking

FSU President Joins Federal Task Force To Curb Binge Drinking

Leading by example. Frostburg State University is getting national attention for its programs that curb binge drinking.


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Underage Drinking Is A Growing Concern In Harford County

Underage drinking is becoming a bigger problem and a higher priority in Harford County.