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Maryland Zoo Mourns ‘Bloke’ The Laughing Kookaburra

When your pet dies, it’s like losing a member of the family. That’s the feeling at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore.



A Peacock Flew The Coop, Remains On The Prowl In Parkville

They can walk, run and fly very high. And one of them is on the loose in a Baltimore County neighborhood.


whooping crane

Md. Researchers Help Keep Whooping Cranes From Edge Of Extinction

It was on the edge of extinction. But thanks to researchers in Maryland, America’s largest bird is still flying.


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Lifeline For Bluebirds: Boxes Aid In Survival

They pop up with amazing regularity along the park roads of Antietam National Battlefield — little shoebox-sized cedar boxes hanging vertically on fence posts, metal signs and tree stumps.


Photo by Jeffrey F. Bill/Maryland Zoo in Baltimore

3 Von Der Decken’s Hornbills On Display At Maryland Zoo

The Maryland Zoo is welcoming three new birds to its African Aviary.


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Annapolis Bird Count Finds 108 Species

An annual bird count in Annapolis found 108 different species, but bird watchers were hampered by windy conditions.


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Frederick To Use Gun To Scare Away Birds

Frederick officials will use a bird gun to scare the animals from the Split Rail Court area.


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Red-Tailed Hawk Euthanized After Injury At Hopkins

A red-tailed hawk that was injured last year when it crashed into a library window at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore has been euthanized.



Trooper Kills Troublesome Emu

Maryland State Police say a trooper shot and killed an emu that had been on the loose for two weeks, blocking traffic and disrupting a North East neighborhood.



Rare Bird Shot To Death, Leaving 3 Chicks Defenseless

The rarest wild bird in our state was shot to death in western Maryland.



Md. Wildlife Center Helps Save Bird On Brink Of Extinction

The call of the whooping crane is rarely heard, as the bird is on the brink of extinction. Maryland leads the effort to save the species.


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Blasts Planned To Scare Birds In Frederick, Md.

The city of Frederick is bringing in a bird gun to scare away crows that congregate along a retail strip of U.S. 40.