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blue crabs

Survey Shows Drop In Female Blue Crabs In The Bay

Prepare to spend more green for blue crabs. Numbers are out on the annual survey of crabs in the bay, and they are not great.


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Cold Weather Keeps Crabs At Bottom Of Chesapeake

For months, there’s been a countdown on the Maryland Seafood website, ticking down the months, days, hours, minutes and even seconds to the most anticipated seafood season of the year: crabbing season.



Md. Oyster Season Ends, Blue Crab Season Begins

Oyster season officially ends with the arrival of April 1, which is the start of blue crab season in Maryland.


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Md. Electronic Crab Reporting Gaining Interest

Maryland crabbing industry officials say electronic harvest reporting is catching on.


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Maryland Watermen Pulling Ghost Pots From The Bay

Maryland watermen are scouring the Chesapeake Bay in search of ghost pots.


Medal Hard Crabs

Crisfield National Hard Crab Derby

Every Labor Day weekend, people from all over the Mid-Atlantic region visit Maryland’s southernmost town to see some 400 blue crabs compete in one of the most celebrated crustacean events in America, the National Hard Crab Derby.


Maryland Blue Crabs

Watermen Leaders Support New Female Crab Focus

The leaders of two Maryland watermen’s groups say they support a new approach to managing Chesapeake Bay blue crab stocks that focuses on how many females are in the bay.


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Virginia To Decide On Continuing Ban On Winter Harvest Of Blue Crabs

Virginia will decide next month if it will continue a ban on the winter harvest of blue crabs from the Chesapeake Bay. The state’s Marine Resources Commission has had the ban in place for the past three years to rebuild the crab population.



Crabs Plentiful For Holiday Weekend

Seafood dealers say crabs are plentiful in Maryland for the long holiday weekend.



Chesapeake Crab Assessment Expected This Summer

The health of the Chesapeake Bay’s blue crab population is getting more attention.



Md. Watermen Ask Lawmaker To Ease Crabbing Regs

Somerset County watermen are asking Delegate-elect Charles Otto to ease crabbing restrictions.