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2nd ‘Bottle Bomb’ Suspect Now Charged In Va.

A second man has now been charged in Virginia with setting off “bottle bombs” inside crowded movie theaters.


bottle bomb

Bottle Bomb Incidents Prompt Reward Offer

AMC says it will set up a $25,000 reward for anyone who provides information that directly leads to the capture of the individual or individuals responsible for setting off bottle bombs in its theaters.


bottle bombs

13 Bottle Bombs Found In Church Parking Lot

Authorities say 13 soda bottle bombs were found in the parking lot of a Hagerstown church.


bottle bombs

Police Urge Everyone To Watch Out For Bottle Bombs

A renewed warning to homeowners from police: Watch out for bottle bombs in your area.


bottle bombs

Howard Co. Police Alert Residents To Pranksters Setting Off Bottle Bombs

It’s a dangerous prank that has people posting videos all over the Internet. But after a child was almost hit by a bottle bomb, police are taking notice.



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