Joe Frazier Portrait Session

Bob Haynie: Smokin’ Joe Frazier Was An All-Time Great

The world was hit the the news on Monday night that former heavyweight champion Joe Frazier had lost his fight with liver cancer at the age of 67.


(Photo: ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images)

BLOG: Mayweather Vs. Victor Ortiz

Mayweather and Oritz will meet in the ring in a September 17 showdown in Las Vegas and I’m really looking forward to this fight and I’ll be happy no matter who the winner is.



BLOG: Klitschko Vs. Haye Proves To Be A Dull Affair

Both fighters came into the ring holding a portion of the title and a large amount of animosity towards one another. The buildup of the bout was great. This was the most anticipated heavyweight fight since Lennox Lewis KO’d Mike Tyson back in 2002.

105.7 The Fan–07/05/2011

Pacquiao v Mosley Final News Conference

Breaking Down Pacquiao Vs. Mosley On The Bob Haynie Show

The great Bert Sugar breaks down the biggest fight of the year!!

105.7 The Fan–05/05/2011

(Photo by Larry French/Getty Images)

Zbikowski Disputes Positive Drug Test After Bout

Tom Zbikowski’s manager said Tuesday the Baltimore Ravens safety is appealing a positive drug test administered after a weekend boxing match in Oklahoma.


Tommy Zbikowski vs  Richard Bryant

A Look At Zibby’s Potential Boxing Career

From and, Tom Gerbasi joins the Bob Haynie Show to discuss Tom Zbikowski’s career in the ring and what the future may hold if the NFL lockout continues.

105.7 The Fan–03/25/2011

mmy Zbikowski vs  Richard Bryant - Weigh In

Tom Zbikowski On The Ken Weinman Show

Ravens safety Tom Zbikowski talked with Ken Weinman about the NFL lockout and his boxing career.

105.7 The Fan–03/24/2011

Tommy Zbikowski vs  Richard Bryant

Tom Zbikowski Live On Norris & Davis Show


105.7 The Fan–03/23/2011

Photo Credit: Gray Mortimore/ALLSPORT

Talking With Sports Historian, Bert Sugar

Looking back at one of the greatest sporting events in the history of the United States, Ali vs. Frazier.

105.7 The Fan–03/11/2011

(Photo by Larry French/Getty Images)

Haruki Nakamura LIVE on Norris & Davis

Ravens Safety Haruki Nakamura joined Steve Davis and Jim Duquette this morning as he was headed to Las Vegas to watch Tom Zbikowski box at the MGM Grand.

105.7 The Fan–03/11/2011

(Photo by Larry French/Getty Images)

Tom Zbikowski Live On Norris & Davis Show

Let’s get ready to rumble!!! Ravens Safety Tom Zbikowski joined The Norris & Davis Show. Zibby talked about his upcoming boxing match on Saturday, March 12 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

105.7 The Fan–03/04/2011

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Boxing Gym Offers ‘Hardcore’ Workout

Paul Tillery paces the gym, waiting for his students. Dressed in ripped denim jeans and a black warm-up jacket, with his nickname “Coach Superman” stitched in red on the back, he takes a couple of bare-knuckled shots at a body bag.





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