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Reports Of Gunfire Spread Panic At Washington Navy Yard

High alert. A massive police response at the U.S. Naval Yard in Washington, D.C. following reports of gunfire.


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Workers To Return To Navy Yard Shooting Rampage Site In Feb.

An admiral says workers will start returning in February to the Washington Navy Yard building were 12 were fatally shot last year.


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Navy Mulls Redesign Of D.C. Building Where 12 Killed

The names of the places are sadly familiar: Newtown, Aurora, Virginia Tech, Columbine, and Nickel Mines, Penn. After mass shootings made each of those names synonymous with tragedy, officials demolished, closed or altered the buildings where the killings took place to soften painful associations, especially among survivors.


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Shutdown Won’t Hit Navy Yard Building 197 Workers

Employees who work at the Washington Navy Yard’s building 197, where a gunman killed 12 people last month, will not be affected by the government shutdown.