Speed Cameras

Baltimore County Speed Cameras Stopped From Going Online

Baltimore County’s plan to activate four new speed cameras on Thursday hit a speed bump.


police camera installation

Baltimore City Says Police Cameras Reduce Crime, Help In Making Arrests

Baltimore City says crime drops by 25 percent in areas covered by police cameras. Now, more community groups are asking for them.



Montgomery County Votes To Put Cameras On School Buses

Officials in Montgomery County have voted to begin installing cameras on school buses to catch and fine drivers who illegally pass the buses while students are getting on or off.


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Today’s Best Rearview Cameras: A 2012 Family Vehicle Review

Backing up has come a long way!


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Study: Metro Parking Lot Cameras Don’t Deter Crime

A new study says cameras in Metro parking lots aren’t deterring crime, but the transit agency says it will keep using them.


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Police-Monitored Surveillance Cameras Increasing In Baltimore

Baltimore’s network of police-monitored surveillance cameras continues to expand.


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Cameras Capture What Children Eat At School

How do parents track everything their children are eating in school? Take a picture of it on a calorie camera.


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Group Sought For Western Md. Getaway Reality Show

If you’re dreaming of a family vacation at Deep Creek Lake that you wouldn’t mind sharing with millions of television viewers, this story is for you.


Speed Cameras

Howard County Council Approves School Zone Cameras

The Howard County Council has voted to allow speed cameras in school zones.


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Study Finds Red Light Cameras Cut Fatal Crashes

Red light cameras were sold to the public as a way to reduce serious accidents, but some saw it as a new revenue stream for strapped cities. Now the first nationwide study includes Baltimore.


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Cameras Plentiful Where Del. Man’s Body Dumped

Whoever dumped the body of a prominent national defense consultant into a garbage bin in a bustling college town risked being detected, either by witnesses or surveillance cameras, with some of the containers in well-lit parking lots, near restaurants and stores.