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Md. Gets Grant To Fight Cell Phone Use In Prisons

Maryland has received a federal grant to help fight cell phone use in prisons.


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Opinions Mixed On Tree-Shaped Cell Phone Tower

Opinions are mixed about a new, 150-foot cell phone tower near Eastern Boulevard in Hagerstown.



New Bill Aims To Ban Cell Phone Use On The Road

Driving and talking on your cell phone could soon get you pulled over more often in Maryland. Weijia Jiang has more, on efforts to toughen up the laws.



Md. Officials Look To Ban Handheld Cell Phones While Driving

The debate over driving and using a handheld cell phone is alive again, after some state politicians say the current law is too weak.


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Cell Phone Bill Aims To Strengthen Distracted Driving Laws

Maryland lawmakers want to enable police to pull someone over if they are talking on a handheld cell phone while driving.


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Baltimore Jail Officials Probe Claims Of Inmate Posting About Case On Facebook

Behind bars and posting on Facebook? A Baltimore family claims their son’s killer is using social media from prison.



Thousands Of Md. Drivers Ticketed For Phone Use

Maryland police agencies have issued thousands of tickets to drivers for using handheld cell phones behind the wheel in the year since a ban took effect.


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Grant To Fight Cell Phones In Baltimore Prisons

Maryland public safety officials say they’ll use a $350,000 federal grant to intensify the fight to keep cell phones out of prisons in Baltimore.


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Text Messages Revealed In Murder Case

Prosecutors say the former boyfriend of a slain Hagerstown woman called her at least 15 times and sent her eight text messages on the day he allegedly killed her.


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Md. Officials Want To Ban DUI Checkpoint Mobile Apps

State police say there’s a new way drunk drivers are getting around their DUI checkpoints. They download detours on their cell phones. Now the state wants to keep the software away from drivers.


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Church Steeple Helps With Cell Phone Communications

Communication has reached new heights, thanks to a partnership between AT&T and a local Catholic church.


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Md. Bill To Tighten Cell Phone Use While Driving

Too many Maryland drivers are still talking on handheld cell phones because a ban on using them while driving can only be enforced if they commit another violation, a lawmaker who supports a stronger law said Tuesday.




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