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Imagination Comes To Life On Stage At BSA

A quarter of the students at the Baltimore School for the Arts are involved in a fascinating live performance–the likes of which have never been seen before on their stage.


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Best Summertime Desserts In Baltimore

Rather than indulging in heavy desserts this summer, look to something lighter from some of Baltimore’s favorite restaurants.


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Cooking Ideas For Kids From A Baltimore Chef

While letting the kids cook may sound like a disaster in the making, allowing them to prep ingredients is a chance to bring learning into the kitchen. Use measuring spoons to enhance math skills and work on spelling with unique ingredients. If there’s a little mess, cleaning up is a great way to teach responsibility. Baltimore’s chefs understand how important it is to get kids in the kitchen, so they offered up these great cooking ideas just for families.


Maryland Food Bank

Md. Chef Helping With Baltimore Food Drive

A Maryland chef is joining Food Network and others for a food drive to help combat childhood hunger.


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Baltimore School For The Arts Names New Director

The Baltimore School for the Arts has appointed a longtime music instructor as its new director.