Pvt. Manning Seeks Formal Name Change To ChelseaThe Army private who was tried and convicted as Bradley Edward Manning for leaking U.S. secrets to WikiLeaks is petitioning a Kansas court for a name change, to Chelsea Elizabeth Manning.
Mission Accomplished: NSA Leaker Edward Snowden Says He’s Already WonFor the first time, the man who leaked the personal files of the NSA speaks in an unapologetic 14 hour interview.
Navy Yard Gunman Had Classified Access Pulled Amid Mental Health ConcernsThe company that employed the Washington Navy Yard shooter pulled his access to classified material for two days in August when mental health problems became evident, but restored it quickly and never told Navy officials about the withdrawal, The Associated Press has learned.
Judge: Manning's Actions Were 'Heedless' The enormous leak of classified information engineered by Army Pfc. Bradley Manning was "heedless" and "imminently dangerous to others," a military judge said Friday in a document explaining why she found him guilty of 20 counts, including six violations of the federal Espionage Act.
WikiLeaks Sentencing: Manning Wasn't Too Mentally Unstable To WorkArmy Pfc. Bradley Manning's violent outbursts and a photo of him dressed as a woman ideally should have blocked him from working with classified information in Iraq, but the Army needed his skills, the soldier's former boss testified Tuesday.
Obesity Officially Classified As A DiseaseThe American Medical Association, the nation's largest organization of doctors, now considers obesity a disease.
Judge Refuses To Dismiss Charges In WikiLeaks Case An Army private accused of sending classified material to the anti-secrecy website WikiLeaks has not been denied a speedy trial despite his lengthy pretrial confinement, and the charges against him will stand, a military judge ruled Tuesday.
GI Largely Barred From Discussing WikiLeaks HarmA military judge on Thursday largely barred an Army private from presenting evidence at his trial that the mountain of classified information he's accused of leaking did little harm to U.S. national security and foreign relations.
Md. Congressman Discusses Securing Govt. Data As WikiLeaks Pretrial ContinuesA pretrial hearing for the Army private accused of leaking government secrets continues at Fort Meade. The same day, Congressional Intelligence Committee leaders turn a spotlight on leaks from within.
Ex-Spy Agency Official Strikes Plea BargainA federal judge in Baltimore dismissed Espionage Act charges against a former official with the National Security Agency accused of leaking classified documents.
U.S. Said To Seek Deal In Classified Leaks CaseThe Justice Department on Thursday reached a plea agreement in the leak case against a former National Security Agency official.
Motion To Drop Charges In NSA Leaks Case DeniedA federal judge refused to dismiss five of the 10 charges against a former National Security Agency employee accused of mishandling classified information and delayed a decision on how classified documents will be handled at trial.

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