WEATHER BLOG: Unseasonably Warm To Wintry WeatherCan you believe it? It is the 1st of December and our temperature has already climbed well into the 60s!
Weather Blog: Colder Air Has Made A ComebackMeteorologist, Tim Williams, says colder air has definitely made a comeback early today.
WEATHER BLOG: What A Difference! Yesterday we topped out close to 60 degrees. Today, we only managed a high of 37 degrees. This round of cold air is going to stick around for a few days, while we deal with a few different fronts.
WEATHER BLOG: Week Without WinterThis is going to be the "week without winter."
WEATHER BLOG: RainyRain is on the way. A new storm is already making its way across Maryland.
BLOG: Thursday's Overnight Chill Gives Way To Rain This WeekendWednesday's cold front is gone, leaving clear skies and a gusty northwest wind in its wake. Even though we topped out at 65 degrees on Thursday afternoon, that wind is bringing in colder air for the night.
BLOG: 50s Make A Comeback MondayOur taste of winter has come and gone. Now, another round of mild air is returning to Maryland.
BLOG: What A Warmup!Since Thursday, we have averaged 36.4 degrees for our high temperature. The normal for this time of year is 41 degrees, and today we soared to 59 degrees!
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