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Cold front

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WEATHER BLOG: Lower Humidity

The most recent cold front is now to our south and with high pressure in place we can look forward to a nice day with lower humidity and a comfortable afternoon.


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WEATHER BLOG: More Warm Weather

A couple of additional days of very warm weather, which should reach its peak in many areas east of the Appalachians on Saturday, is the highlight of our forecast over the next several days.


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WEATHER BLOG: 90 Degrees & Humid

Wednesday will be one of just a few day’s this season we will be above 90 degrees and humid.


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WEATHER BLOG: Another Mild Day

Here comes another nice day. If you liked Monday, just cut and paste onto this day’s outlook. Weather life is just that easy.


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WEATHER BLOG: Beautiful Weather On The Horizon

Today is the day of change. A cold front , more like a dry wind shift, will give us a few showers and a couple of late day thunderstorms.


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It’s looking good, again. But Tuesday will have that Mid-Atlantic summer feel that has been rare this season. Hot, near 90, and humid.


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WEATHER BLOG: Heat And Humidity On The Rise

High pressure will slowly drift east over the next 24+ hours and as it moves, we will be on the lookout for a few isolated thunderstorms through Tuesday (mainly north and west of the the metropolitan).


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WEATHER BLOG: Cold Front Coming

Keep in your toes over the next 36 hours.


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WEATHER BLOG: One More Dry Day

High pressure is moving off the coast into the Atlantic Ocean. Southwest wind will help boost our temperatures up a couple degrees as our temperatures climb.


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WEATHER BLOG: Cold Front Drops Our Way

So the question is will we see sever weather later like we did Tuesday? The answer is that remains to be seen.


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WEATHER BLOG: Scattered Showers, No Big Deal

Morning storms gave us a rather busy start Thursday, and more may be headed our way later as a cold front dives into the Mid-Atlantic. This front will pass by later and off shore by Friday early a.m. Skies will clear and here comes that nice holiday weekend we have been promising.


Marty Bass 370x278


Gray and damp Wednesday as a cold front backed our way from the coast.




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