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Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect Reportedly Conscious, Communicating With Investigators

CBS News has confirmed with law enforcement officials that Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is conscious and responding in writing to authorities.


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Catholic School Principal Resigns After ‘Inappropriate’ Communication With Student

The principal at Mount Saint Joseph College called it quits after admitting to having inappropriate communication with a student.


Music for Peace

You don’t need a Ouija Board to communicate with the other side. Besides that stuff is all fake, right? (BOO!) Discover music as a means to communicate and connect across cultures.


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Detained U.S. Contractor With Md. Ties Goes On Trial In Cuba

More than a man’s fate will be at stake when U.S. contractor Alan Gross goes to trial Friday on charges he sought to undermine Cuba’s government by bringing communications equipment onto the island illegally.



Baltimore County Police Communicate With Public Via ‘iWatch’

Baltimore County Police say they are the first police department in Maryland to use wireless devices to communicate with the public directly.