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How To Throw A Party For The Big Game

Consider these essentials to throw the best party for the big game, from CBS Local’s Eat See Play.


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WEATHER BLOG: Cooler & Wetter

We are in for much cooler and wetter weather conditions for the next couple of days.


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A coastal area of low pressure will develop along the East Coast Monday and provide us with increasing cloud cover by the evening, as well as the chance for an isolated sprinkle for areas along the Eastern Shore through Tuesday morning.



WEATHER BLOG: Cooler, Drier Weekend

Rainfall across the region will be about 1 inch. This rainfall will taper later Friday morning and we’ll have just a lingering shower or two in the afternoon. The p.m. drive will be much better than the a.m. one. We will likely even see a little sunshine later Friday afternoon and early evening.


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BLOG: Rain Coming Our Way

Expect some rain the next few days.


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BLOG: Taste Of Autumn

After several warm days we’ll be getting a true taste of fall-like weather for the end of the week into the weekend. OK, I don’t think we’ll be setting any records, but we may want to get the fall/spring jacket ready for those morning commutes or getting the kids to the bus stop.