County Executive John Leopold

John Leopold

Disgraced Former County Executive Leopold Wants To Run For Office Again

A disgraced Maryland politician wants his conviction on misconduct in office thrown out and wants the ability to run again.


Early voting in Ohio (Credit: BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP/Getty Images)

About 1,500 Wrongly Taken Off Md. Voter Rolls

Court officials say roughly 1,500 Maryland residents with misdemeanor convictions were wrongly taken of voter rolls over the last six years.


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Recordings May Prove Former Anne Arundel Police Chief Knew What Leopold Was Doing

There are growing allegations in the political enemy files ordered by Anne Arundel County’s former county executive. Now, new recordings may prove the former police chief knew what was happening and didn’t stop it.


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Out Of Jail, Ex-County Executive Waxes Poetic

Former Anne Arundel County Executive John Leopold, released after serving 30 days in jail, reflected on his time there in an essay and poem he sent to a local newspaper.


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Leopold’s Political Future Up In The Air After Misconduct Conviction

An emergency session for the Anne Arundel County Council, as they begin the process of possibly removing County Executive John Leopold from that job after he’s found guilty of two counts of misconduct against him.



Anne Arundel Co. Exec. John Leopold Found Guilty Of 2 Misconduct Charges; Not Guilty Of 2 Other Counts

A verdict is in. A judge found Anne Arundel County Executive John Leopold guilty of misconduct for Count 1: making staff perform campaign duties and Count 3: misconduct for personal errands.



Defense Rests In Anne Arundel County Executive’s Misconduct Trial; Judge Denies Motion To Acquit

Anne Arundel County Executive John Leopold’s defense rests in his misconduct trial. On Monday, the defense wrapped up its case and again presented arguments on the defense motion to acquit. The judge denied those motions to acquit. Closing arguments will be held Tuesday.


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Judge Grants Leopold Acquittal For Campaign Sign Theft In Misconduct Trial

The judge finds Anne Arundel County Executive John Leopold not guilty of misconduct for allegedly removing his opponent’s campaign signs.


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Prosecution Rests In County Executive’s Misconduct Trial

The prosecution rests in the misconduct trial of Anne Arundel County Executive John Leopold. The defense plans to ask for a motion for acquittal before starting its case.



County Executive’s Security Detail Testifies About Campaign Work

The misconduct trial for Anne Arundel County Executive John Leopold is underway Wednesday with more prosecution witnesses.


John Leopold

County Executive’s Misconduct Trial Resumes With Shocking Testimony From Security Detail

The misconduct trial for Anne Arundel County Executive John Leopold resumed Tuesday morning with police Corporal Joseph Pazulski on the stand.



Anne Arundel Executive John Leopold Gets His Day In Court As He Battles Misconduct Charges

Explosive allegations. Wednesday, the misconduct trial of Anne Arundel County Executive John Leopold began.