Crab Feast

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30K Crabs Served Up In Annapolis For A Great Cause

It’s billed as the world’s biggest crab feast, and for a good reason. More than 2,000 people will head to Annapolis tomorrow for an annual event that raises thousands of dollars for charity.



Let The Crustacean Carnival Begin! Annapolis Rotary Hosts Annual Crab Feast

If you like steamed crabs then you’ll want to head to Annapolis on Friday. It’s all you can eat at Navy Marine Corps Memorial Stadium.


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68th Annual Annapolis Rotary Club Crab Feast Goes Green For Local Charities

If you like steamed crabs, Annapolis is the place to be Friday. It’s time for the world’s largest crab feast.


Thursday, Aug. 2, 2012

Don and Marty had “Coffee With” Phil Keoghan and Regina Lyalls. Ron Matz was at City Dock in Annapolis and had “People Are Talking” about the world’s largest crab feast!



Rotary Club Of Annapolis Sponsors Massive Crab Feast For Charity

They’ll be eating steamed crabs by the thousands this evening in Annapolis. The world’s largest crab feast is just getting underway.


Friday, Aug. 5, 2011

Ron Matz had “People Are Talking” about the Rotary Club’s annual crab feast. Don and Marty had “Coffee With” Treat Williams and Kathy Baker.