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Silver Spring Woman Survives Italian Cruise Ship Disaster

A Maryland woman survives the tragedy on the Costa Concordia. Anna Figueredo was on the cruise with her daughter.


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Teen Alleges Sexual Abuse On Cruise Ship That Departed From Baltimore

A teenager says she was sexually abused aboard a cruise ship that departed from Maryland.


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St. Mary’s College Floating Dorm Sets Sail

A floating dorm that housed students at St. Mary’s College of Maryland for nearly two months has set sail.


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Md. College Books ‘Cruise’ For Dormless Students

For the rest of the semester 240 students are living aboard the Sea Voyager, a cruise ship about the length of a football field that’s now docked at the St. Mary’s College campus.


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St. Mary’s College Students Prepare To ‘Dorm It Up’ On Cruise Ship

Hundreds of St. Mary’s College students will spend a semester sleeping on a cruise ship. It’s all because of a huge mold problem.


cruise ship dorm room

Maryland School Will Use Cruise Ship As Dorm

Living in luxury while in college. That will be the answer to a moldy, smelly problem at St. Mary’s College of Maryland.


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Another Major Drug Bust At Port Of Baltimore

Cocaine and heroin are invading Maryland. The illegal drugs are easily finding their way into our state. On Sunday, customs officials addressed the growing problem after another major bust at the Port of Baltimore.


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Port Of Baltimore Sets New Cruise Passenger Record

Officials say the Port of Baltimore has set a new record for cruise passengers.