Cyber Monday

Tim Williams

BLOG: Cyber Monday

After an unusually warm Thanksgiving Weekend, today (Cyber Monday) and Tuesday will still be rather warm for late-November. In most cases, even despite some morning fog and clouds, afternoon temperatures will be running in the mid and upper 60s.



Retailers Hope Shoppers Take Advantage Of ‘Small Business Saturday’

The Black Friday frenzy is over and Cyber Monday is just around the corner, but there’s another way for shoppers and businesses to cash in on the holiday rush this weekend.



Marylanders Prepare For Thanksgiving Commute & Holiday Shopping

A trucking company from Maryland created a big mess in Pennsylvania by leaking a sticky goo on the turnpike,causing more than 100 cars to get stuck. And one of the places people are traveling Thanksgiving night: retail stores, where Black Friday has turned into Black Thursday. Many stores will open at midnight.


cyber monday

‘Cyber Monday’ Deals Now Last Whole Week

One in six Marylanders is expected to shop on the internet Monday, taking advantage of big sales and more small retailers are learning the power of the web.


black friday

Black Friday Down, Small Business Saturday To Go

The shopping season is on, and retailers are getting more aggressive than ever. Holiday sales kicked off before the turkey was on the table, and a whole new round of deals is about to drop.



Black Friday Kicks Off Holiday Shopping Season

It looks like the economy didn’t hold back too many shoppers. Black Friday is still in full swing.


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Bargain Shoppers Are Ready For Black Friday Deals

The countdown is on until some major retailers open up its doors—and its deals.



Tips On Getting Best Shopping Deals This Holiday

After the turkey and stuffing, Maryland will get ready to shop. But how do you make the most of the Thanksgiving and Black Friday deals?