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Md. Lawmakers Discuss 11th Hour Deal To End Government Shutdown

Congress reaches a deal to end the government shutdown. And that will bring thousands of Marylanders back to work.


Grover Norquist (Credit: JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images)

Opinion: Grover Puts Himself Before Party And Country

Grover is the ultimate in single interest constituencies in Washington. He is not accountable to anybody. He does not disclose who funds him, who pays him to do what he does or how much he is paid to blackmail GOP Members of Congress to sign his pledge not to raise taxes.


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Md. Governor Reacts To Debt Crisis

Maryland’s economy is closely tied to the federal government. With billions of federal dollars spent here each year, cuts in federal spending are cause for concern.



O’Malley: U.S. Credit Rating Downgrade Not Justified

The Democrat discussed the issue Sunday morning on ABC’s “This Week” where he called the downgrade a mistake.



Cardin Discusses Debt Deal With Federal Workers

Federal workers and their union representatives are expressing concerns about how budget cuts will affect federal jobs.


Gabrielle Giffords

Rep. Giffords Gets Ovation At Debt Ceiling Vote

An emotional return. Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords is back in Houston Tuesday after her surprise visit to Congress.


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The Debt Showdown Continues In Washington

The last-minute wheeling and dealing on Capitol Hill has thousands of Marylanders worried.


debt ceiling

Debt Deal Talks Continue In Washington

The nation is now only three days away from a deadline to raise the debt ceiling. Congress is in the middle of a rare weekend session to try and strike a compromise and avoid a government default. Local lawmakers are front and center in the Washington debt battle.


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House Approves GOP Bill Extending Debt Limit

The House has voted on one plan regarding the debt crisis and raising the debt ceiling.


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Opening Of Md. Bond Sale Delayed Until Next Week

Maryland Treasurer Nancy Kopp says the opening of a $718 million bond sale is being postponed because of the debt ceiling debate in Washington.