Defend Your Ride

“Until I can afford a Porsche, it's my baby.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Nick At The Washington Monument

“I’m very protective of my baby.” – Nick and his GMC Terrain


“It has a cassette tape player and manual windows.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Michelle In Timonium

“He goes au natural in the rain.” – Michelle and her 1997 Chevy Cavalier


"I've toyed with the idea of going on 83, but people would hate me."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Luke At Natty Boh Towers

“This thing is a diamond in the rough. It’s a gem.” – Luke and his Garelli SuperSport XL


"It was a good experience. I got it from Franklin."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Katrin In Canton Square

“I don’t like naming cars. I had enough trouble naming my dog Lilly.” – Katrin and her Acura RSX


"Curtis goes with Civic."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Jayme At The Ann Street Pier

“I have a great 10 and two.” – Jayme and her Honda Civic


"If I didn't have a pickup, people weren't going to ask me to move."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Peter At Federal Hill Park

“I live on the edge.” – Peter and his Subaru Forester


“At 5 o’clock, tourists should either be in their hotels napping!”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Amanda At Patterson Park

“D.C. traffic makes me feel a lot better about my morning.” – Amanda and her Chevy Cobalt


“We can be a rowdy bunch.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Rhiannon With Natty Boh Guy

“I like the combination of vintage and classy. They have that cool effect.” – Rhiannon and her Honda Accord


"The front windshield looks like a viewport from a rocket ship."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: David At Power Plant Live!

“It’s smelled like fast food, spilled beer and amorous adventures.” – David and his Honda Civic


"They marked the window at the impound lot to sell it!"

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Adam In Mount Vernon

“He’s done well for me over the years.” – Adam and his Mini Cooper S


"It's great for having a baby."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Jessica & Chad At The Baltimore Farmer’s Market

“We named this one Shelby-Jo.” – Jessica, Chad and their Chevy Equinox


"I've gone 140 on 795 in this car."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Chaz On President Street

“Name? The Incredible Hunk because it’s a big, green car.” Chaz and his Crown Victoria