Defend Your Ride

"I'm pretty easygoing. Getting mad is not going to change things."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Bill At Harbor East

“It didn’t snow this year, but it would be great in the snow.” – Bill and his Ford 150


"This car’s gas mileage is probably better than an El Camino."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Scott At Towson Commons

“This car has definitely proved itself this month.” – Scott and his Nissan Versa


"People aren't happy when the child locks are on."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Tommy At Towson District Court

“It was used, but I feel like it’s my own.” – Tommy and his Ford Five Hundred


"I love the cup holders and this tiny secret compartment."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Sean At Enoch Pratt Free Library

“The Egg, it’s peppy!” – Sean and his Toyota Yaris


"I'm going to keep this car up until it falls apart."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Scott At Dib Thai Cuisine

“I’m terrified of anything on two wheels. I didn’t learn how to ride a bike up until I was fifteen.” – Scott and his Nissan Altima


“They took my iPod, but somehow forgot these.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Laurel At Lexington Market

“It’s dirty, but sturdy.” – Laurel and her Nissan Sentra


“I love living around here.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Laura At The Inner Harbor

“It’s been in Europe. I lived in Spain and this car is what I drove there.” – Laura and her Honda CR-V


“The mileage makes me feel better about myself when I drive.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Julia At The Baltimore Co-Op

“You have to treat her gently. She’s an old lady.” – Julia and her Toyota Echo


“I don’t pay any attention to people who don’t like how Elements look.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Jane At The Book Thing

“I need to make this one last forever!” – Jane and her Honda Element


“I get some vibrations at certain speeds.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: James At Ritchie Highway

“Now that I’m retired, I can do all the riding I want.” – James and his BMW R65


"My favorite thing about it is its appeal to other people."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: George At Bill’s Music

“Everyone always tells me I have a nice car.” – George and his Nissan Murano


"Black is the best color for a car."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Elmira At I-70 Eastern Terminus Park

“From now on, if you want a ride, meet me here.” – Elmira and her Toyota Corolla