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Md. House Passes Immigrant Licensing Bill

Immigrants living in the U.S. illegally could continue to obtain Maryland driver’s licenses under legislation passed Friday by the Maryland House of Delegates.


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Imprisoned Councilmember Got Tickets Voided

The District of Columbia’s Department of Motor Vehicles says it was former councilmember Harry Thomas Jr. who requested that 10 traffic and parking tickets be voided early last year.


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Local Teens Learn Dangers Of Distracted Driving Via Virtual Game

If you text and drive, you lose. That’s the message students at a local high school drove away with after spending the morning behind the wheel playing a virtual texting while driving game.



District Gridlock Leads To Increase In Citations

Washington officials are finding a way to make gridlocked traffic a money-maker.


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Student Accused Of Making Fake Driver’s Licenses

A student at the University of Maryland has been indicted on charges of producing and selling fake driver’s licenses to people under the age of 21.