Dr. Mark Midei

Dr. Mark Midei

Towson Doctor Accused Of Stent Surgery Malpractice Breaks His Silence

Breaking his silence. A Towson doctor at the center of a massive malpractice investigation opens up to the Baltimore Sun.


Dr. Mark Midei

Number Of Medical Fraud Lawsuits Growing Against Well-Known Cardiologist

More trouble for a world-renowned cardiologist. Nearly two dozen additional lawsuits are filed against Dr. Mark Midei for allegedly implanting stents into patients who didn’t need them.


Dr. Mark Midei

Dr. Mark Midei’s License Revoked After Stent Scandal

The doctor at the center of a major medical scandal can no longer practice medicine in Maryland.


Dr. Mark Midei

Doctor Accused Of Performing Unneeded Stent Surgery Awaits Fate

A doctor accused of performing hundreds of unnecessary heart operations fights to keep his medical license.



Lawmakers Propose Bill To Regulate Stents

There was another critical debate in Annapolis Wednesday. This one focused on protecting hearts in Maryland after many learned they were offered a stent procedure they did not need. Lawmakers are working to better regulate the surgery.