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Snow Blamed For A Number Of Highway Mishaps Across The State

A winter storm is making highways hazardous for afternoon commuters.


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Drivers Prefer Phones Over Satnav

Why isn’t driving satnav as simple as Google Maps?


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2 Hospitalized After Crash

Maryland State Police say a two-vehicle crash near Smithsburg has sent both drivers to the hospital.


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Teen Drivers Texting Much More Than Parents Think

A new study reveals your teen is probably not as safe as you think.


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Audit: Less Than Half Of Work Zone Speeders Got Tickets

An audit of the Maryland State Highway Administration has found that citations were issued to less than half the drivers caught speeding in work zones during the first 9 months of the state’s work-zone speed camera program.


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Seat Belt Usage Hits All-Time High, Thanks In Part To Southern Drivers

Early data indicates that in 2012, 86 percent of Americans are using their seat belts.


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25% Of Drivers Want Hybrids, Study Says

At least a quarter of Americans may see gas consumption as their biggest energy expense.


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How Old Is Too Old To Drive?

In politics, there are plenty of “third-rail” topics that candidates try to avoid. Seniors driving is one of them.


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Some Want Elderly Drivers Off Md. Roads

More older drivers are on the road than ever before, largely due to a generation of baby boomers.


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Law Enforcement Officers Ask Drivers To Move Over For Emergency Vehicles On The Shoulder

A Maryland State trooper narrowly avoids losing his life in a situation that should call all drivers to attention.


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Drivers Start Their Engines For The Grand Prix Of Baltimore

Drivers have started their engines as the second annual Grand Prix of Baltimore is underway.


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Where Do America’s Best (And Worst) Drivers Live?

The numbers are in: Find out America’s top 10 cities for avoiding (and getting into) an accident.