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Steve Davis: Idiot Fans

These people are nuts, and out of control….and they’re ruining the experience…


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Alcohol Anklets To Help Stop Hard Core Drunk Drivers

Some states are adding a drunk driver safety precaution: alcohol anklets.


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Holiday Drunk Driving Crackdown In Effect Until Jan. 1

Check out all the activities happening state-by-state during the crackdown period.


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Alcohol Anklets To Help Stop Hard Core Drunk Drivers

While alcohol-related fatalities are a frighteningly real statistic, the fact is that ignition interlock devices used as a preventive measure to keep hard core drunk drivers (HCDDs) from killing or seriously injuring others isn’t failsafe. […]



The Noble Breathalyzer: Coming Soon To Your Doctor’s Office

The breathalyzer — technically a brand name that, like Jello, Xerox, and Dumpster has gradually become genericized — was invented in the early 20th century for police purposes. But scientists have recently discovered a new […]



President Of The Balt. Co. F.O.P. Accused Of Pulling Weapon On Driver

The Baltimore County police officer who heads their union is a suspect in a felony. Pulling his weapon and being intoxicated are just some of the allegations.


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New Md. State Trooper Jumps Barrier, Avoids Crash

A new Maryland state trooper is recounting a close call with a car while on a call on Interstate 95.



2 Out-Of-State Men Charged In Amtrak Attack

Two out-of-state men have been charged after one of them allegedly punched an Amtrak conductor during a stop in western Pennsylvania.



D.C. Councilman Questions Testimony From DUI Hearing

A Washington D.C. councilman questions whether a deputy attorney general was telling the truth during his trial for drunken driving.


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Burglar Gets Drunk, Then Stuck Inside Home

Police in Delaware say a man broke into a house, got drunk and couldn’t make his way back outside — so he called 911 for help.


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Ray Rice Stands Up Against Drunk Driving

On the field he is protected by men twice his size, but on the streets Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice knows he is as vulnerable as any of us to the deadly potential of a drunk driver.


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Trooper Hurt In Crash With Alleged Drunk Driver

Maryland State police say a trooper was hurt in a collision with a car whose driver has been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol.





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